May 22, 2024

“PIA Halts Flights to Dubai and Sharjah Amid Return of Heavy Rains in UAE”

PIA suspends flights to Dubai, Sharjah as heavy rains return to UAE –

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has halted its flights to Dubai and Sharjah due to the recurrence of severe weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates. The decision follows heavy rains that returned to the region just weeks after record downpours, prompting the closure of schools and many offices across the UAE.

An overnight lightning storm accompanied by strong winds brought more than 50 millimeters of rain in some areas, leading to flooding in parts of Dubai, including the city’s airport. Consequently, the world’s busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic had to cancel 13 flights and divert five others.

In response to the adverse weather, PIA announced the suspension of flight operations to Dubai and Sharjah, citing severe disruptions caused by the rains. The national carrier expressed concern for passengers facing delays and cancellations, assuring them of immediate resumption of operations once conditions improve.

Emirates and flydubai, the UAE’s state carriers, also cautioned passengers about potential delays, while schools transitioned to remote learning and public-sector offices shut down.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the recent rains, the situation was not as dire as the record-breaking downpour on April 16, which resulted in casualties, road blockages, and flight cancellations. However, the drainage system in Dubai struggled to manage the excess water, highlighting the city’s vulnerability to heavy rainfall.

Last month’s deluge, which also affected neighboring Oman, was the most severe in the UAE’s recorded history. Experts suggest that climate change may have intensified the event, emphasizing the need for sustainable measures to address environmental challenges.

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