May 22, 2024

“Embracing Face-to-Face Encounters: Honoring Kant’s Call to ‘Dare to Know'”

“Immanuel Kant’s 300th birthday prompts reflection on his famous motto, ‘Dare to Know.’ Kant’s call to embrace knowledge finds resonance in face-to-face encounters, a concept echoed by philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas.

Lévinas sees such encounters as opportunities for growth, where we confront both our vulnerabilities and our responsibility to others. However, modern society often shies away from genuine connections, preferring to hide behind masks of fear or shame.

Yet, the power of face-to-face interaction persists, reminding us of our shared humanity and capacity for empathy. Embracing these encounters is not only courageous but essential for fostering understanding and connection.

Let us follow Kant and Lévinas’ guidance, daring to engage fully with others and ourselves. In doing so, we honor our shared humanity and pave the way for greater compassion and growth in our relationships.”

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